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Read VFXPro Article: Interview with John Gaeta,
Virtual Cinematography, "The Matrix"
By Apr 02 1999 08:11:43:000AM

"...How would you shoot the final sequence based on this information?
Later on stage, we'd set up a customized camera positioning-rig built to spec by friends at Innovation Arts..."

Read VFXPro Article: Interview with John Grower,
Co-Visual Effects Supervisor, "Star Trek: Insurrection"
By Audrey Doyle, January 05, 1999 08:16 AM PST

"...We had already created the ship in CG. We found a company back East, in Massachusetts, called Innovation Arts that could read this Maya NURBS-based data and, from that digital data, mill into foam the shape of the ship. They created very large foam cut-outs of the ship..."

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